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Emirates Chauffeur Service

Updated: Feb 12

Are you flying with Emirates and looking for a luxury chauffeur service?

Whether you're travelling in First, Business or Economy, FYSLA has you covered.

Although Emirates can offer a chauffeur driven service as part of your flight package, there are many caveats to this. With FYSLA, we can transport you to the airport with no hidden small print.

However you choose to travel during your flight, and no matter your destination, FYSLA provide a 24/7 travel service in unforgettable style.

How we differ from emirates

It can be stressful when trying to organise airport transfers, particularly when you aren't sure if you are eligible for the Emirates chauffeur service or not. With FYSLA you have no need to worry. Once booked, you can sit back and relax. We've taken care of everything to ensure you are picked up on time and all you need to think about is your onward destination.

more passengers

We also offer larger capacity transport. Our luxury Mercedes V class vehicles transport up to 7 people, all with suitcases. Even with a full car there is still plenty of room to sit, relax and enjoy the journey.

better features

Our vehicles also come equipped with the latest technology including Netflix, sports channels, WiFi and a Playstation console. You'll also have the option to recline in our comfy leather armchairs.

No mileage limits

FYSLA operates all over the country and will pick you up from any destination within the UK. We are not just London based and there are no additional mileage charges for pickup far from the airport. All fees are transparent and agreed up front.

Families are welcome

We are not an adult-only service. Families and large groups are welcome to travel in our cars, including children of all ages.

no other restrictions

It doesn't matter who you are when you book with FYSLA. We will chauffeur you to your destination whether you are flying in First, Business or Economy. You can be travelling for business or pleasure, we offer no restrictions.

And we're not just limited to Emirates. We'll take you to the airport for any scheduled flight with any operator, including Qantas, British Airways, Ryan Air, easyJet and more.

How our emirates chauffeur service works

With FYSLA, everything is coordinated for you when it comes to executive travel. Once booked, we will arrange a pick up time and drop you off as close to the terminal as possible. We'll be monitoring traffic well before your pick up time to ensure you can relax on your journey with little worry.

Our professional chauffeurs also have decades of driving experience, meaning we'll get you to the airport as safely as possible every time.

If you're being picked up from an airport by FYSLA, we'll also monitor your flight times so you'll never be kept waiting. If your flight is delayed we will also continue to wait until you arrive - we would never leave you stranded at an airport.

how does our chauffeur service work?

Why trouble yourself with driving and parking when you can have a chauffeur drive for you? We are a door to door service which operates always on time, monitoring flight times and never leaving you behind. Our luxury V Class and E Class Mercedes vehicles will ensure you ride in style every time.

If you're travelling to the airport for pleasure, we have you covered. Included in the price is free Netflix, WiFi, PlayStation and more. We can transport up to 7 passengers plus luggage.

Travelling for business instead and need a corporate chauffeur? We also have you covered. If you have a laptop then you can either recline in our comfy leather chairs or choose to use the in-car table instead, complete with WiFi.

more than just an emirates chauffeur service

FYSLA do not just chauffeur those flying with Emirates. We provide transportation for anyone regardless of who you are flying with, or which airport you are flying from.

Get in touch with us today to get a free, no obligation chauffeur quote. Use our contact page here.

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